Sandberg Guitars Introduces Serpentine Finish

Sandberg Guitars has been turning heads with interesting finishes on special handmade custom instruments. The company has now announced they’ve acquired a CNC machine that allows them to produce a new option called the Serpentine Finish, which brings two different types of woods together for each of the bass’s wooden components.

Sandberg Panther Serpentine Bass

“We have been doing this over the last few years in a similar approach with the Puzzle Bass bodies,” Sandberg shared, “[but] now this can be done for the neck and fingerboard. The end results are not only visually exciting effects, but new sound possibilities can be achieved as well. A neck from mahogany and maple, combined with a fingerboard made of ebony and birdseye maple is just one of countless possible combinations.”

The Serpentine Finish can be used to combine any of Sandberg’s standard or rarewood options on the body, top, neck and fingerboard. It will be available on their models for $1,500.

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  1. Ktranth

    That’s cool, although Conklin has been doing that for over 20 years.