Sandberg Announces the Greenline Series Basses

Sandberg Guitars Greenline Bass

Sandberg Guitars has announced the Greenline Series, an eco-conscious initiative that utilizes “woods of character.” Aside from making use of perfectly good wood, they’re collaborating with United Kids Foundations Forest to plant a tree for every Greenline bass that is built. The tress will be planted in the Harz Mountains in central Germany, located near the Sandberg factory.

“Just like us humans, every tree is unique and has its own patterns and textures, telling its own
history,” the company writes. “It takes years to grow a tree, and every one has its own character. For the Greenline series, we seek out those woods of character, with unique marks, grains and colorations to create a more responsible instrument; perfectly stable and functional with the celebration of a wood’s natural aesthetic.”

The series is open to their California TT, TM, and VM models for the time being with plans to expand further. Each of the models can be built in the Greenline series by ordering it through the Configurator on their website.

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  1. Steve

    That’s great. I love that my basses aren’t “perfect” and have blemishes here and there. Makes them unique.