MonoNeon Envisions John Cage on Soul Train

MonoNeon & Michael Vick: John Cage on Soul TrainEver thought about what it would have been like if avant-garde composer John Cage had performed on the funkiest show on TV back in the 1970s?

Well bassist/experimental composer Dywane “MonoNeon” Thomas Jr. has. And he, with the help of microtonal guitarist and composer, Michael Vick, has created a 5-track EP called, appropriately enough, John Cage on Soul Train.

MonoNeon, a left-handed bassist known for playing a right-handed instrument upside-down, was inspired after seeing Cage perform “Water Walk” on a vintage TV show. He and Vick composed the piece at a distance, using digital communication to create a piece of funky nostalgia for something that never was. MonoNeon plays a variety of basses on the EP, including a bowed double bass, fretless bass, and quarter-tone fretted bass (No Treble’s Bass of the Week for May 8, 2014).

But if Cage had taken a ride on the Soul Train, the result just might have been something like “Cage Train”:

John Cage on Soul Train is available for digital download on Bandcamp.

John Cage on Soul Train Track List:

  1. Hello! Is It Me U’re Lookin’ Fuh?
  2. Soul Spoof 13
  3. Freeak Her In Quarter Tones feat. Donny Corn
  4. Cage Train
  5. Scramble Board (Put It All Together, Say It!)

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