Jimmi Clarke: Teen Town

Nigel Palmer sent us this video of his musical colleague, bassist Jimmi Clarke performing the Jaco Pastorius tune “Teen Town”.

“Jimmi is an established session and live bassist for such luminaries as Gloria Gaynor and Il Divo,” Nigel said. “…and here he makes the Jaco/Weather Report tune ‘Teen Town’ look like a walk in the park, with a side order of conga impressions.”

Not only did Jimmi make it look effortless, I love what he added to the tune to make it his own rather than turning in a note-for-note performance.

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  1. dig this. groovy version. tasty bass!

  2. Nice. Very original.

  3. Mike Matthews

    A very Hip & Groovy version of a bass classic. Good stuff !

  4. bvdon

    That was nice.

  5. Jimmie Clark is one bad cat…….

  6. He did make it look a little too easy…

  7. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all the kind comments!! really appreciate it!!

  8. Edwin

    Damn that was cool.