Thomas Laffont Group: Pop & Slap Blues

Bassist Thomas Laffont sent us this video of his new project. He said he recently finished music school, and that this is his first video project as a band leader, bassist, composer and producer.

The tune is “Pop & Slap Blues”, and it sounds like Thomas is off to a fantastic start.

The audio for the track is available through Thomas’ Bandcamp page.

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  1. I always say blues is the last refuge of a bad musician…these guys aren’t taking refuge AT ALL! Totally sexy, funky, jazzy, supremely musical.

    • warren

      Hi Trey, I respect your opinion but this isn’t blues. And I know a lot of people including myself would disagree with Blues being the last refuge of a bad musician.

      • actually I was more commenting on bad musicians than blues as a musical genre. How often have you showed up to jam with some people only to have someone call “blues in A”. I RUN from stuff like that. Bad musicians also take refuge in pop these days as well as EDM

        • David R

          Totally agree – it’s a sort of safe place to be (they also tend to play blues BADLY).

          Anyway, back to these guys – ils sont fantastique!! Wonderfully tight and great sound, and it’s good to see the drummer having a properly written and played part as opposed to being a fancy metronome (I find all too often that some bands have drummers just to keep them in time as opposed to being another musician).

    • Wow !
      Thank you Trey.

      • David R

        And you’re a fabulous bassist, Thomas – great work!! I need to go and practise now…!

  2. Terry Bugg

    D code – Alain Caron!!