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Morning Bound: I Did Fine

Ever since Morning Bound released the video for their first self-titled single, I’ve been craving more.

Now the trio, consisting of vocalist Tammy Scheffer, bassist Panagiotis Andreou and drummer Ronen Itzik, has just posted a new video for the second single from their EP called “I Did Fine.”

Their beautiful use of dynamics and textures make this track as much a ride as it is a song. Andreou starts out keeping time by tapping a pitch in his right hand while following the bass hits with his left before the song opens up. His mind-melding groove with Itzik gives Scheffer a perfect foundation to use her vocal prowess.

Producer Eyal Amir once again provided the mix and recording with Alessio Romano capturing the magic on video. Morning Bound’s EP is set to drop this fall.