Book Turns Bird’s Sax Solos Into Bass Lines

Charlie Parker for Bass: 20 Heads & Sax Solos Arranged for Electric Bass with TabAre you a lover of Charlie “Bird” Parker’s iconic jazz sax solos and yearn to play them on your bass?

Then, you need to check out this book — Charlie Parker for Bass: 20 Heads & Sax Solos Arranged for Electric Bass with Tab.

The 96-page book from Hal Leonard Corp. offers instruction on how to play some of Parker’s most well-known solos.

Just take a look at the song list:

  1. Anthropology
  2. Au Privave
  3. Billie’s Bounce (Bill’s Bounce)
  4. Bloomdido
  5. Blues for Alice
  6. Chi Chi
  7. Confirmation
  8. Dexterity
  9. Donna Lee
  10. K.C. Blues
  11. Ko Ko
  12. Moose the Mooche
  13. My Little Suede Shoes
  14. Now’s the Time
  15. Ornithology
  16. Parker’s Mood
  17. Relaxin’ at the Camarillo
  18. Scrapple From the Apple
  19. Thriving From a Riff
  20. Yardbird Suite

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  1. Bob DeRosa

    For lazy bassists only. Transcribing those same solos by ear off the recordings would improve our playing in many other ways.

  2. Bobby

    Yeah reading is a pretty useless skill to have huh? Let alone work on.

    • Enrico Hendro

      really?? isn’t reading a pretty useful skill for a working bass player?? I mean I was told by a friend of mine that reading is pretty useful

      • Bob DeRosa

        Yes, Enrico and Bobby, reading is definitely a useful skill, especially for big-band or show playing or for studio work. My only point is that music is an aural art, not a visual one, and the more we strive to HEAR what we or someone else is doing rather than read it, the better players we’ll ultimately be.

        • Are you sure your real point wasn’t that you wanted to be snarky and dismissive?

          • Bob DeRosa

            No, Joshua, just trying to be helpful. Sorry you interpreted it that way.

        • I agree. All the bass players I know (a lot of jazz players) read well AND put transcribing at (or near) the top of their practice regimes. If you want to really improve – do both.

        • Bobby

          Sorry guys sarcasm doesn’t work on the internet does it? lol My comment was aimed at Bob for saying reading makes you a lazy player. Trust me I know how important reading is

  3. Larry

    All of those tracks are in the bass clef omni book.

  4. bvdon

    I have the very old Omni book with bass clef. Is this really new?

  5. Oh snap…I guess I wasted my money getting the OMNI BOOK in bass clef and many hours trying to learn the solos :(
    Can we do a swap for free?

  6. Juan Vaca

    No “embraceable you,” again?