Federico Malaman: Doctor Mike

Bassist Federico Malaman sent me his brand new video of him doing a cover of a tune by another terrific Italian bassist, Pippo Matino.

The tune is “Doctor Mike”, which Pippo wrote as a dedication to guitarist Mike Stern.

The first video below is Federico’s cover. The second one is the original. To both I say, “Holy smokes!”

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  1. gene

    TOUCHDOWN MALAMAN! The crowd goes wild.

  2. Roman

    holy shit!!!!

  3. Mike Matthews

    WoW… uh… just amazing.

  4. Fede just keeps reminding me how much more I need to practice. geesh. Dude is the man!

  5. man, this is cool. so rhythmic. perks me up.

  6. Amazing Fede…like usual!

  7. MLR

    Another musician that is not from this world!! Phenomenal!! The facial expression at the end shows that, even though they make it look easy, it’s not always easy!! Thank you for sharing!!

  8. Mike C

    pure sickness….can’t say enough great things about this…

  9. Art Araya

    love Pippo and Federico! Monsters, the both of them.