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The Physics House Band: Teratology

Our Facebook friend Tanner Feazell sent us a clip of the experimental rock group The Physics House Band performing their song “Teratology.” The group’s bold sound is held together by bassist Adam Hutchinson, who throws in some nasty fills between grooves.

“I stumbled upon these guys today and loved it! Hope you guys enjoy it, too,” Feazell wrote.

And we do.

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Sam Brown

Filmed in Brighton Electric Studios right?! Sorry I work abroad now and It’s nice to see a video so close to my home!
Smashing stuff guys, crazy creative! Moments of it really remind me of Floyd.
I believe a few years ago I played a gig with that drummer back when I was in the scene, he was brilliant then and even crazier now haha!

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

what is wrong with the kids today??? NAH, just kidding. These young gents are very creative. Kind of a Mars Volta meets Zeppelin type of sound, to me anyway. The bassist and drummer are both very, very good. Killer fills by both of them. For the most part I DIG !

Michael Hamer

This reminds me of some of the stuff that The Tony Williams Lifetime used to do back in the day. These guys are taking me back to the days that me and my friends used to put together, back then. Thanks guys!