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Paula Zimbres: Quatro Pontes

Our Facebook friend Ricardo Franco sent us this video of Brazilian bassist/vocalist Paula Zimbres performing her song “Quatro Pontes” at Sofar Brasília from May 2014.

Accompanied by guitar, Zimbres starts by vocalizing with her bass line before laying more of a foundation on her fretless. She then goes on to take a thoughtful solo at the 2:03 mark before bringing the gorgeous melody back.

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Nice, very nice – and the bass solo is nice, very, very, very nice. Good Stuff!




Rob Elrick

Hey, an Elrick Bass, nice!

We had quite a nice run as “ladies choice” when Jimmy Coppollo was still in NYC running the NY Guitar and Bass Boutique. It’s nice to see some of them pop up from time to time. This could very well have been one that funneled though Jimmy’s shop, we did a fair number of similarly spec’d fretless basses for him and a fair % of our NY sales leave the US.

That said, nice clip too, way to go Paula!

Ariane Cap

Very tasty! Love the vocalizing. And in her bass solo very melodic and beautiful phrasing also. Just beautiful!

Rob Reijman

Rob Reijman

Lovely music!! Is there a transcription around somewhere? I would love to play this myself !