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DaBeat & Miki Santamaria: Man in the Mirror

We’ve seen some great grooves and solo bass from Miki Santamaria before.

In this video, his incredible playing is in support of vocalist DaBeat, in this duo’s take of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”.


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I would have preferred it if the vocal re-interpretation was more personal, for instance without those silly noises Jackson used to make. This is mannered as hell. Nice bass, though..

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

This is very good. Not really a M.J. fan; though I acknowledge his talents. Miki is a great bassist and I dig the performance!

Sam Brown

Miki is the absolute man, aspire to play even a little bit like him. On another note, that guy’s Jacko impression is INSANE!!!



Something weird about a white guy doing MJ! Especially all the MJ noises. Bass playing is phenomenal as usual for Miki and the vocals would be just as good without the copy cat stuff. IMHO.



I don’t see anything wrong with the “inflections”. I think his voice is an instrument and if they aid his timing…it’s all good. He’s influenced by one of the best.