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Alita Moses: “Miracle” Cover, with Matt Keppler

Bassist Matt Keppler shared this video with us – and this one grooves.

“Recently, I wrote and recorded an arrangement of Kimbra’s new single, ‘Miracle,’” he shared. “The track came out super funky, and I’m really proud of it. I wanted to reach out and share the video with you guys, as I feel that your regular readers will dig it.”

We feel the same way. Dig it!

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

GOOD STUFF – great: tune, vocals, vocal harmonies, bass line, unison bass & horn line, bass… actually it’s all good!

Matt Keppler

Matt Keppler

Thanks so much for posting! Just want to give a quick shoutout to FeedLab music for giving me the opportunity to share my arrangement! Please check out the FeedLab youtube channel, as they are the ones who made this whole thing possible!

Stan Pugh

Great job! What a beautiful voice!

Anthony Cook

Some very nice work all away around …