Bass of the Week: Tomisic Guitars MIA Fretless Bass

This week we take a look at the MIA, a custom fretless P-style bass built by Serbian luthier Milos Tomisic. The design is the brainchild of bassist Marko Cvetkovic, who put his work talents to use for his musical endeavors.

Tomisic Guitars MIA Fretless Bass - front

“After some planning, [Tomisic] decided to start his own model line and that’s where we started to cooperate,” Cvetkovic writes. “Beside my music activity, I am industrial designer so I combined my profession with my hobby to create something new and interesting. Our main idea was to create instruments that will follow common standards but improved and different enough to highlight authors creativity.”

The MIA is their first project together. It features a chambered ash body topped with European black walnut for a rich, organic look. They also decided to keep things on the minimalist side with a single pickup and volume control.

“We wanted to create simple but unique instrument that will offer rich sound that should easily can be used as a double bass replacement,” Cvetkovic continues. “Our intention was to create instrument that will perfectly fit music genres where the bass is fundamental instrument, like Jazz, Blues or acoustic music. The whole idea is improved by using custom made components like Chukamoto P Bass noiseless pickup and custom made optimum contact Maistronik bridge.”

Tomisic Guitars MIA Fretless Bass Photos:

Tomisic Guitars MIA Fretless Bass Specs:

Body Back and Sides:Ash
Top:European Black Walnut
Neck:European Black Walnut
Pickup:Chucamoto Custom Single Noiseless P Pickup
Tuners:Sperzel Locking
Bridge:Maistornik custom made steel OPTIMUM contact bridge

For more, check out the Tomisic Guitars website.

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  1. Louis

    Something I do not understand why are the dots between the frets?

    • Nenad

      Since it’s a fretless bass, small side dots are used as regular fret markers (3rd, 5th fret and so on), and those markers that are visible from the front perspective indicate where the actual frets would be placed… ;)

  2. Mat

    Now that is beautiful! Perfect balance of classic and modern design

  3. Wayne Renardson

    Mr. Tomisic tells me the cost (depending on wood & hardware) is approximately $1800 US.

    The bass weighs 4.5 kg kg = 2.2 lbs.

    Wayne R.

  4. Thats a really nice looking fretless, could be so nice to have some live recorded sound samples from you.

  5. Hans

    Beautiful balanced contemporary design with a classic feel. And as far as I can see from the tiny photographs, it’s perfect craftsmanship. Love it!

  6. SneakyPete

    That’s a really lovely bass. I love the details – the rounded top edges, the fretboard markings, the headstock…really nice! I think if I were to order one I’d need to have a piezo pickup available.