Acme Sound Introduces Low B-212 Bass Cabinets

Acme Sound Low B-212 Bass CabinetsAcme Sound has expanded their bass cabinet offering with the Low B-212 cabinet. Available in standard and composite versions, the cabs carry dual 12-inch custom woofer that are mounted back to back. Each model has a recommended power rating between 1200 and 2000 watts.

The models also include a 1×1-inch shallow horn and a proprietary crossover. Acme says they deliver a full range, uncolored tone with a frequency response of 31Hz to 20kHz. Both versions have an 8-ohm impedance rating and a sensitivity of 94dB 1W/1M.

The difference in models is construction materials. The standard model is built with plywood and weighs in at 61 pounds while the composite model is created with composite materials and weighs fifty pounds.

The Acme Low B-212 bass cabinets are built in Colorado. They are available for order now direct with prices of $1,195 for the plywood model and $1,495 for the composite model.

Acme Sound Low B-212 Bass Cabinet System Specs:

Model:Acme Low B-212 Series III
Frequency response:31 Hz to 22 kHz room dependent
Power Handling:1200 Watts RMS continuous
Recommended Power:1200-2000 watts
Power:1000 Watts sine wave @ 30.87 Hz
Sensitivity:94 dB 1W/1M
Impedance:Available in 8 ohms
Dimensions:26.5″H x 23″W x 16.5″D
Weight Plywood Model:61 lbs./27.7 Kg
Weight Composite Model:50 lbs./22.7 kg

For more information:
Acme Sound

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  1. Nitsuga niensunga

    a bass cabinet that reproduces high frecuencies that we cannon hear. really?

    • Yes, really. Andy designs the cabinets as flat freq response, full range. So they also sound great on keyboards or even vocals. In a pinch I used 2 x Acme B2 for FOH and 2 x B1 for fold back and it sounded great. There used to be an attenuator on the tweeters – it’s not clear whether that’s the case with the new model.

    • newboldrobrob

      Maybe YOU can’t hear 20K.

  2. blondin

    there’s already something way better! Chillbass (French) has this:

  3. I suppose that depends on your definition of “way better”. Just looking at the published specs the acme handles 3 x the power for a .5 x increase in weight.

    Also I am skeptical about the claimed low end extension / efficiency of the chillbass. Bass cab design entails trade offs between extension, size and efficiency. Essentially you have to choose which two to optimise and which to sacrifice. Acme sacrifices efficiency for extension and size. The other acme models are down 6dB at 31Hz – so I assume that’s the case here. I’d like to know how far down the chillbass is at it’s claimed 25Hz.