Davie504: Halloween Meets Bass

We always love celebrating Halloween bass style.

Davie504 can always be counted on for doing something cool.

Put that together and you have this Halloween video of various tunes by the talented bassist.

Davie asks, “Which songs am I playing? Leave a comment!”

And Happy Halloween from all of us.

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  1. henry

    Was it just me or did the first song sound like chocolate rain? Sounded like thriller and ghostbusters after that. Nice grooves!

  2. Mike Matthews

    I was thinking the first one was the theme from Halloween, then Thriller, followed by Ghostbusters. Good Stuff Davie – Happy Halloween to All : )

  3. ad

    mike oldfield vs michael jackson vs ghostbusters cheese (in a nice marcus miller style riff).

  4. That was REALLY cool :)

  5. tubular bells, thriller, ghostbusters – that’s some scary funk!

  6. Marcury

    That was great!