Bass of the Week: Turan Guitars TG Semi-Hollow Bass

Turan Guitars TG Semi-Hollow Bass

This week we take a look at the TG Semi-Hollow, a gorgeous single-cut bass made by Turan Guitars. The semi-hollow bass is crafted with a korina body topped with flamed maple. The top is complemented with matching pickup covers, control knobs, and headstock. While this is an untraditional looking instrument, Turan utilizes traditional f-holes to tie the bass together.

The maple neck is matched with a ebony fingerboard that provides a nice visual contrast to the maple. Turan fits the TG Semi-Hollow with their own brand of pickups and preamp as well as a Hipshot piezo bridge and a Bartolini Buffer. Hardware also includes Hipshot tuners. For more on Turan Guitars, check out their Facebook page.

Turan Guitars TG Semi-Hollow Bass Photos:

Turan Guitars TG Semi-Hollow Bass Details:

Body:Korina, Flame Maple
Pickups:TG Pickups, Hipshot Piezos
Electronics:TG Preamp, Bartolini Buffer
Bridge:Hipshot Piezo Bridge

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  1. Check out their Facebook page? Sheesh – this is my pet peeve. No model info, no prices, no dealer info. Gorgeous instruments? Absolutely? Unavailable;e to anyone who doesn’t know the luthier – that too. It might as well be a sculpture instead of a musical instrument – it actually is both, but I can only look at it so it’s only art to me.