N-Audio Announces Powerbox Mk2 Pro Power Supply

N-Audio Powerbox Mk2 Pro Power SupplyN-Audio has introduced the Powerbox Mk2 Pro stompbox power supply. Available for European or worldwide voltages, the unit features twelve individually separated power outputs with multiple output voltage options.

The Powerbox Mk2 Pro adds to their original Powerbox Mk2 with two more high current AC outputs. It has four outputs rated for either 9 or 12 volts, while output five and six up things to include 9, 12, 15, or 18 volts. Outputs 7-10 are “ultra low noise outputs” rated at 9VDC. The company says they simulate a standard PP3 9-volt battery and can deliver up to 50mA per group. Finally, a pair of 9-volt AC outputs supply up to 1200mA for effects like the Digitech Whammy, JamMan, Line6 pedals, ISP Theta and more.

The N-Audio Powerbox Mk2 Pro comes with all necessary cables for powering your effects. It’s available now with a direct price of $272 for the European version and $285 for the worldwide version.

N-Audio Powerbox Mk2 Pro Power Supply Specs:

Mains supply:230/240VAC or 100/110VAC
Mains transformers:50/60Hz transformers with reduced flux density
PCB:double sided gold plated PCB
Protections:mains fuse, short circuit protected outputs
Fuse:20x5mm fuse. 400mA fuse at 220VAC or 800mA fuse at 110VAC mains
Outputs:12 outputs ø5.5/ø2.1mm center negative
Operation indications:5 control LEDs
Warranty:3 years

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