Whote Builds New Album’s Drone Music On Bass

Whote II: MoonsSix-string bass is one of the building blocks of drone artist Whote’s (Thomas Watkiss) latest album, Whote II: Moons.

Watkiss is the performer on and producer of the record, creating songs with not only the bass, but also distorted guitar, field recordings, and minimal keyboards.

Whote is noted for its experimental music, and Moons continues in this vein, with live saw blades used to produce sound, along with mallets on instruments.

You can hear the result of the experimentation in the title track:

Whote II: Moons is available on CD and digital download through Bandcamp.

Whote II: Moons Track List:

  1. Vapors
  2. Necropolis
  3. A Measurement of Wealth
  4. Copper, Fire, Bone
  5. Crown of Winter, pt. 1
  6. Moons
  7. An Instrument of Mars
  8. Ocean Burial
  9. Crown of Winter, pt. 2
  10. The Flight South

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  1. Gregg

    That was intriguing. Can’t believe I didn’t turn it off after 40 seconds.

  2. Einsturzunde Neubauten.