Miki Santamaria: Silent Night

Continuing our celebration of the holiday season, bass-style, here’s a beautiful arrangement and performance of “Silent Night” by bassist Miki Santamaria.

Miki said “Please excuse my facial expressions… LOL I was very into it haha.”

Hey, he wouldn’t be a bass player without some bass faces.

Happy holidays, all.

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  1. Brenno Ciuffo

    Very clean and elegant. congrats

  2. that was freakin great! Love that Yamaha tone…that was my main axe back in the 80’s…still haul it out every once in a while

  3. William O'Connor

    is he still dating marta altesa?

  4. Mike Matthews

    That sounded great. Traditional, mixed with funky slap, mixed with a bit of blues & humor. Good stuff. Miki has some good tone going on too. I dig!