Jesús Rico Pérez: Farewell

We’ve been lucky to know bassist Jesús Rico Pérez for a couple of years now. Over that time, Jesús has shared some pretty incredible videos showcasing his technique – but a technique that is about delivering the music, not a fireworks show.

In this new video, Jesús plays both a piccolo bass and fretless with an e-bow. Stunning, as always.

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  1. …It´s a great honor. Thank you very much No Treble!!
    I wish you a fantastic New Year, everyone =D

  2. beautiful tone and playing!

    looks like he’s using altered tuning as well.

    • Jesús Rico Pérez

      Hello Art, yes I´m using a altered tuning.
      Thank you very much for watching! =D

  3. Wonderful Jesus! very enjoyable.

  4. Mike Matthews

    Very nice piece of bass goodness. Beautiful bass too : )

    • Jesús Rico Pérez

      Hello Mike
      thank you very much, this Jcr Custom basses are amazing!
      Cheers =D

  5. Nat W.

    I’m not much for solo/all bass compositions but this was stellar.

    • Jesús Rico Pérez

      Hello Nat, I´m very glad you liked!
      thanks so much for watching : )

  6. Jesus, this is an incredible recording. You’re playing and tone are amazing. Beautiful. Thank you.

    • Jesús Rico Pérez

      Hello Jeff, thank you very much for your kind words. These Jcr custom are great sounding basses, I´m very lucky!
      Cheers : )

  7. Nice work, Jesus ….beautifully done !!

    • Jesús Rico Pérez

      Hello Anthony, thanks a lot for the kind words, I´m very glad you liked!
      Cheers mate!

  8. Fermin Sagarduy

    I love’d it! amazing tone and beautiful composition!
    I’d like to know how did you tuned your bass and for what reason or specific chords if it doesn’t bother


  9. Mónica

    Que hermoso :) y que limpio