Alex Bershadsky: Bring On The Night

I’m always pumped to get new videos from Alex Bershadsky, and his latest is a reason why. The video features fantastic playing of all kinds, not to mention nice filming.

“It’s an original arrangement for the Police Classic ‘Bring on The Night’ combining double thumbing with fretless bass,” he shares. “It’s a bit different, I hope you’ll like it.”

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  1. Absolutely phenomenal! Well done, sir.

  2. rob klaassen

    Wow! Beautiful

  3. Awsome (: absolutly loving it

  4. Gil

    I almost fell off the chair…:-) absolutely amazing music! ! !

  5. Great work, Alex.Nice feel !

  6. Jacov Blackwood


  7. Mike Matthews

    This is so cool. Nice work Alex!

  8. Killer arrangement of a great track, when the vocals kicked in I was even more impressed and now it’s over I’m filled with fulfillment, joy and envy! Thanks Alex! Back to the shed I go…sigh haha

  9. PhiDeck

    Loved the music. Too much repetition in the lyrics.
    Hated the video.

  10. Mark S. B.

    Cant get any better than that,,,, great.

  11. Amazing Alex!
    Loved it.