Pedulla Guitars Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Limited Edition Basses

Pedulla Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Bass Series

Forty years in business is quite an accomplishment, and Pedulla Guitars is celebrating that very milestone with a limited edition collection of basses. Michael Pedulla, who started the company in 1975, has made one limited edition 40th Anniversary version of each of his bass models including the MVP, the Pentabuzz, the Rapture, the Nuance, and the Thunderbolt.

The series features a hand-crafted American Flag headstock with a Pedulla Anniversary emblem and Michael Pedulla’s signature on the back.

“The American Flag was chosen to reflect the company’s pride that all Pedulla guitars have been Made in USA,” Pedulla explains.

Each model is made with rare AAAAA+ grade flame maple finished in Pedulla’s signature gloss polyester finishes. As with all of the company’s basses, they are each made by hand by Michael Pedulla in Massachusetts. The company states the Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Basses are not currently available for sale and as such pricing has not been established.

Pedulla Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Bass Photos:

Pedulla Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Bass Series Details:

Hand Made by Michael Pedulla
One of each model: MVP, Pentabuzz, Rapture, Nuance, Thunderbolt
American Flag Headstock with 40th Anniversary Emblem
Michael Pedulla Signature on Back
AAAAA+ Flame Maple
Signature Gloss Polyester Finish

For more information:

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  1. M J Rochner

    One each?!? That’ll set you back a pretty penny!!!

  2. Loving everything about these basses, except for those awful headstocks. And just for the record, any flag would make them awful.

  3. Agree. Flag just do not works. Any Flag wouldn’t