ISP Technologies To Debut Beta Bass Preamp Pedal at NAMM

ISP Technologies will be unveiling a new pedal version of their popular bass preamp at the Winter NAMM Show this month. The Beta Bass Preamp Pedal is powered by an external 9-volt AC adaptor that is then internally multiplied to provide plus or minus 15-volt power supply for a “full 30 volt signal swing.”

ISP Technologies Beta Bass Preamp Pedal

Its EQ section includes a bass and treble boost/cut knobs as well as two semi-parametric mids with separate sweepable frequency and boost/cut controls. ISP also loaded the pedal with their Time-Vector based compression, a phase manipulation exciter, and split-band distortion circuit, and a Decimator noise reduction control. Finally, an XLR direct output allows for easy connection to a mixer.

The ISP Technologies Beta Bass Preamp Pedal is made in the USA. It will debut at the NAMM show later this month and will carry a retail price between $429 and $449.

ISP Technologies Beta Bass Preamp Pedal Specs:

Input Impedance:500K ohms
Maximum Input Level:+20dbu typical
Maximum Output Level:+20dbu typical
Bass Treble Cut Boost Level:+/-15db
Mid1 parametric frequency range:60Hz-1kHz
Mid2 parametric frequency range:200Hz-6kHz
Compression Section:Based on Time Vector Processing adaptive response auto makeup gain
Decimator Noise Reduction:Greater than 80db
Power Requirements:9V AC 1500mA power adaptor
Max Current Draw:865mA
Dimensions:7″ x 5″ x 1.9″
Weight:2.2 lbs

For more information:
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