Lenny Kravitz with John Paul Jones: Are You Gonna Go My Way (1993)

During the 1993 MTV Music Awards in September, 1993, John Paul Jones joined Lenny Kravitz on stage to perform Kravitz’s hit song, “Are You Gonna Go My Way”.

This isn’t the best video quality, but what struck me was how hard hitting the bass was in this live performance vs. the studio recording (with no offense to Tony Breit).

But of course, there’s only one JPJ.

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  1. Thanks! That made my day!

  2. clint

    Awesome! I remember watching this as a kid in 1993 and being blown away by it, the baseline gets the JPJ treatment and that fender bass cool!

  3. Mike Matthews

    I actually remember watching this performance. Good stuff.

  4. kj

    guitar player looks like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons

  5. sush a great song. I wish he wrote my songs like this one.

  6. Rodolfo

    I got a feeling when I see some musicians playing like these ones. Specially JPJ.

  7. Michael Williams

    The best bass player ever! Thank you JPJ!

  8. JPJ one of my heroes ….

  9. Cindy Blackman and JPJ, deadly!

  10. Anthony

    John Paul Jones has got to be somewhere in everybody’s list of best rock bassists. He crushed that groove!

  11. Matt W

    JPJ is one of the best, but I much prefer Tony Breit’s version. Check out the bassline during the bridge on the original. It’s beautifully constructed.