Sterling By Music Man Unveils Affordable Joe Dart Artist Series Bass

Sterling by Music Man Joe Dart Bass

Ernie Ball Music Man got Joe Dart fans excited when they launched his signature basses, but the limited numbers and price point kept some players from getting one. Now, Sterling by Music Man is picking up where EBMM left off with the Joe Dart Artist Series Bass.

Similarly styled after the original Joe Dart bass, the SBMM version has a Sterling body made from soft maple with a slightly smaller neck profile. It also carries over the highly minimalist design, sporting one humbucker, passive electronics, and an oversized volume knob. The bass comes strung with Ernie Ball Stainless Steel Flatwound strings.

“Building a signature bass with Sterling by Music Man is the culmination of the original dream that Jack Stratton and I had years ago,” said Dart. “Namely, to build a funk bass stripped down to its essence—beautiful, minimal, well-crafted—and available to the world in a way that’s true to Vulfpeck’s ethos: affordable, direct-to-fan, and simple in every way possible. I’m so proud of this collaboration. It really is a dream come true.”

Although the bass is more accessible, Sterling by Music Man is offering it as a “Timed Edition” release that is ordered exclusively through their website for just one month.

“Each bass is made to order, with the window closing on May 31st and shipping starting in November,” they share. “A dedicated countdown timer will indicate the remaining time for purchase on the product page. Additionally, the back of the headstock will be marked with a “2024 Crop” stamp to commemorate the harvest year for this special, one-of-a-kind release.”

The Sterling by Music Man Joe Dart Bass has a price of $399.99.

Sterling by Music Man Joe Dart Bass Specs:

Body:Soft Maple
Neck:Hard Maple
Fretboard:Hard Maple
Frets:22 Medium
Inlays:Black Dot
Pickup:H-1 Ceramic Humbucker
Control:1 Volume
Tuners:Open Gear
Bridge:Fixed Bridge
Strings:Ernie Ball 2805 Flatwound Strings
Other:“2024 Crop” Stamp on Back of Headstock

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  1. Rik

    Website says $2599. WTF. Was it really worth getting my one little click, No Treble?

    • Stands-In-The-Fire

      The Ernie Ball Music Man bass is $2599, that’s the full-fat original one. Sterling by Music Man is their import line, and on their page for this new one the price is accurate with the article’s $399.99.

  2. Bob Sled

    Disappointed to learn there are no left-handed versions being made available this run; I contacted SBMM and got info directly from them.