Craig Butterfield and Jesse Jones: Gas Station

We’ve featured plenty of great videos from Craig Butterfield over the years, so when the double bassist sends an email I get excited. This video is a bit of a different context from his previous ones and showcases Butterfield in a duo with mandolinist Jesse Jones on the tune “Gas Station.”

The duo find a nice groove with a warm, rhythmic bass line to start things off. Butterfield takes the melody at the 1:05 mark with a nice line that develops as he adds double stops. Once he grabs his bow for a solo, he reminds you of just how much is possible on the bass.

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  1. Bob DeRosa

    Absolutely beautiful! What a nice tune, wonderfully played!

  2. Mike Matthews

    This is a very catchy and pleasant piece of music. Fun li’l vibe going on here. The musicianship is great too.

  3. thickerstrings

    Beautiful, these guys are scary good.