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Michael Whittaker and the Bottom 40 Band: Workin’ Day and Night

The recent wave of reharmonized pop tunes has led to some really great music. Here’s keyboardist Michael Whittaker and the Bottom 40 Band – and featuring bassist Adam Nitti – performing an updated version of Michael Jackson’s “Workin Day and Night.”

Nitti gets a huge tone to fill out the bottom end while syncing up with Whittaker for some unbelievable unison lines.

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Jeff Margavage

Awesome! Drummer Marcus Finnie is also a madman! Killer tune

Steven Smith

wow! man, i love it when older tunes are remade and rearranged so creatively like this. adam is holding the low end down. love that synth solo.

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Absolutely fan-f’n-tastic! Adam is a great player. Some of his fills are just awesome and by all means tasteful. Actually all these cats are great at what they are doing. Really dug the drummer too. Good stuff!


Excelent !!!!!………..