Alberto Rigoni and Michael Manring Release “Grains of Sand”

Alberto Rigoni and Michael Manring: Grains of SandBassists Alberto Rigoni and Michael Manring have teamed up release an instrumental album called Grains of Sand that ranges from prog to fusion and ambient sounds. The duo has worked together before, most recently on Rigoni’s Song for Souls.

“After the release of ‘Song for Souls’ in memory of my father, I said I was going to retire (at least for a bit), but well… I could not resist making an album with one of the best bass players in the world like Michael,” he writes. “Hope you will enjoy it!”

“Alberto is a prolific artist with a deep love of the bass,” Manring adds. “His enthusiasm is inspiring, and it’s always a pleasure to work with him.”

Manring and Rigoni are joined by former Fates Warning drummer Mark Zonder to tie things together, but just like Song for Souls, Grains of Sand is loaded with guest bassists. Billy Sheehan, Stuart Hamm, Adam Nitti, Bryan Beller, Michael LePond, and Lars Lehmann also grace the record’s nine songs.

Check out the title track, which features Manring doing his thing on the fretless and a musical interjection by Sheehan at the 2:34 mark.

Grains of Sand is out now through Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon.

Grains of Sand Track List:

  1. Orphaned Land
  2. Grains of Sand (ft. Billy Sheehan)
  3. Seven (feat. Bryan Beller)
  4. Parallels (ft. Michael LePond)
  5. Bass Lullaby
  6. InstruMind (ft. Lars Lehmann)
  7. Carpathia
  8. No Escape (ft. Adam Nitti)
  9. Angels (ft. Stu Hamm)

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