Chris Brubeck’s Triple Play: New Stew, Opus 2

A friend sent in this video of bassist Chris Brubeck and his trio Triple Play performing their song “New Stew, Opus 2” live. Brubeck, whose father was jazz legend Dave Brubeck, brings a bubbly funk groove on his modded fretless Rickenbacker.

The fun in the group’s playing is infectious. You’ll be bobbing your head to this one in no time.

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  1. Louis

    Never heard a Riki sound so good….very cool groove.

  2. Steve Morgan

    Nice. That was bad ass!

  3. darn you, kevin! i can’t stop bobbing my head. real good groove. tight!

  4. Anders Krøyer

    Do you remember Sky King ? With Chris and I think the harmonica player.

  5. gosh darn I sure do love a rick. I never saw the point of a fretless one…until today. That was FUNKY!

  6. Paul

    That ric has been modified ‘big time’ they do not normally sound that good.

  7. B holland

    nice one

  8. Blues to the power of FUNK …and Louis is right on, that Riki is definitely juiced up in all the right ways .Chris just sounds great and the overall stage vibe is very cool .