Future User: Mountain Lion

Former Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave bassist Tim Commerford is back with his own band called Future User. The band’s electronic sound may be a departure from the bassist’s former bands, but his massive sound is still the musical centerpiece.

Commerford, who also handles vocals, hasn’t lost his political edge, either. The song “Mountain Lion” is about pushing the boundaries in sports using performance enhancing drugs. The music video for the song features a cameo by cyclist Lance Armstrong as well as clips of Commerford taking steroids. In an interview with Radio.com, the bassist explains that P.E.D.s shouldn’t be such a big political focus.

“And that’s what really bugs me is that we have Presidents that actually have the gall to address the nation and talk about steroids in sports as if it’s something us Earthlings should be paying attention to,” he said. “We should be paying attention to the real drug war, the heroin that is in our country that our government is bringing over here and the people that are being imprisoned and killed because of it. That to me is a lot more important than steroids.”

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  1. Mike Matthews

    WOW MAN… the lyrics with the video visual is crazy. Crazy world out there… nuff o’dat – Timmy C is a great bassist. I dig his groove on this tune, and very impressed with his vocals. Good stuff!

  2. WOW, I havent seen a Steinberger like that in years!

  3. Anaughtybear

    I love his playing, but sometimes artists should just keep their mouths shut about these things. I wanted to admire him simply for his killer tone and style. Now I know he’s kind of an idiot who needs ‘roids to skate and make bad videos about skating.

    • Brandon T.

      I thought the exact same thing. Sometimes it’s better to not hear famous people speak about their over-the-top ignorant beliefs or personal feelings, and just enjoy their talent or art.