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Twinscapes: Master Class at Planet Live

Bassists Colin Edwin and Lorenzo Feliciati teamed up last year to release Twinscapes, an album that ranges from ambient drones to heavy grooving. Besides stellar musicianship, the record is tied together with clever uses of effects and techniques to create rich sonic atmospheres.

The duo have now released footage of a master class in which they reveal their approaches. Taken from a November 2014 event at Planet live in Rome, this video features Edwin and Feliciati performing and explaining tracks from their release in detail, and there’s a lot to learn!

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

There are some awesome ideas going on through out this video. Just grab a brew for the view : ) because it’s a cool 37minutes long.

Gerardo Barrales

Gerardo Barrales

Wow! Awesome!

Willoughby Spitt

1. A mix from the board would’ve been better to be able to hear clearer. ( Or I could’ve put on my headphones. ) 2. The idea is cool but I was looking for more melodic playing vice sound scapes with two bassists. I skimmed through the video vice watching the whole thing. I dug the speaking parts during the master class explaining what effects they were using & how they were using them more than the music which is pretty weird.