Ritter Instruments Unveils Okon Concept at NAMM 2015

Boutique bass builder Jens Ritter unveiled a new bass at the NAMM Show this year called the Okon Concept. The new model matches the luthier’s distinctive Okon body shape with his BA Tuning System, which mounts the tuners on the back of the bass’s body.

Ritter Instruments Okon Concept Bass

Following a golden theme, the bass features a 24-karat antique gold finish on its body and neck as well as custom alloy gold frets. Ritter adds some personal flair to it with what he calls a “damaged desktop” finish on the fretboard that mimics school desk graffiti. The bass is fitted with four Ritter Master Slimbucker pickups, each with separate on/off switches, and a Ritter 4-band preamp with two rear mounted trimpots.

The Ritter Instruments Okon Concept is hand-crafted by Jens Ritter in Deidesheim, Germany. Prices vary by options.

Ritter Instruments Okon Concept Bass Photos:

Ritter Instruments Okon Concept Bass Specs:

Body:Light Swamp Ash
Body Color:24k Antique Gold
Body Finish:Transparent High Gloss
Neck Finish:24k Antique Gold
Fingerboard Inlay:Damaged Desktop
Pickups:4 Ritter Master Slimbuckers
Electronics:Ritter 4-Band
Bridge/Tuners:Ritter BA Tuning System
Hardware Color:Frosted Black
Strap Buttons:Schaller Security Locks
Weight:7.26 lbs
Special Features (Rearmounted):4 Pickup On/Off Switches, 2 Trimpot (High mid/Low mid)

For more information:
Ritter Instruments

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  1. Wayne Renardson

    All that glitters is not gold.

  2. The Ugly is strong in this one. Might still sound awesome.

  3. Gideon Jr

    This bass,was certainly built for PJ from the Brazilian groove band Jota Quest ( the bridge engravings). The guy is a great musician, and is a crazy bass collector. ( He has at least 50 basses, among them 3x Ritters, 2x SJ, and lots of custom ones ). This one is quite exquisite, but the hardware system is really interesting!

  4. Although I do like it, this looks like what you’d see in the hands of a bassist in a Dr. Seuss musical.

  5. Hats off and thumbs up to Jens! The “road less traveled” is what he takes to get to his trail head, and the bass world is better and bigger for it! Unique is my kinda’ boutique! Let the other guys out OCD each other with what makes their’s the “best” 45 year old Fender clone, a big part of Leo’s vision was streamlining assembly line production. Don’t get me wrong, I love my p an j basses, but I have the 3 of each I need. I dig Jen’s quest and I see him as a consistent artisan who melds intangible nuance and striving vision. “Each one better than or equal to the last” is a different mission statement than “each one as alike as the last” -And from what i can tell, Jens gets enough from it to make it worth doing it! Good on you, mate, thats a fine life! Excuse the diatribe/lecture ; today is my 55th b-day so I’m feeling kinda’ philosophical…