Dunlop Debuts Marcus Miller Super Bright Strings

Dunlop Marcus Miller Super Bright StringsDunlop’s booth at this year’s NAMM Show was buzzing with the announcement Marcus Miller had joined forces with them to create a signature line of strings.

“Starting with our new Super Bright formula, we worked closely with him to develop strings that perfectly complement his sound—crisp and cutting with a big fundamental and powerful low end,” the company shared.

Miller added, “I finally have a set of strings that clearly translates what I hear in my head.”

As with all of the Super Bright Bass Strings, the company says the Marcus Miller Super Bright Strings will “provide lighter tension for superior response to playing nuances.”

Street price on the strings range is $24.99.

For more information:

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  1. I hope DR re brand theie MM strings I really liked them.

  2. Oh cool. Dunlop High Beams.

  3. 045-065-085-105? There is no info even in Jim dunlop web page

  4. Dezz

    I have used DR’s and tried the Dunlop stainless are really liked them. What is the difference in the regular Stainless compared to the Marcus Miller strings.? Anyone know? Dunlop makes some real nice strings.