Laney Amplification Unveils the Nexus Studio Live Bass Amp

Laney Amplification has expanded their Nexus series of bass amps with the Nexus Studio Live, a hybrid tube bass amp designed for use on stage or in a session. The core of the amp includes a ECC83 tube in the preamp and a class D amps for a total output of 1,000 watts, but that’s just the beginning of this feature-packed head.

Laney Nexus Studio Live Bass Amp front

The Nexus Studio Live has four on-board effects – reverb, chorus, octave, and fifth – as well as a built-in compressor. The effects are setup in an innovative way with Space, Interval, and Focus knobs. Turning the Space control to the left gives you reverb while turning to the right produces the chorus. Similarly, the Interval allows you to dial in an octave below when turned counter-clocwise or a fifth above the note when turned clockwise. Focus decides where in the bass frequency that effect is positioned, either in the whole range or focusing only on the low end. The compressor is accessed by pulling out the Gain control.

For tonal tweaking, the amp has a 3-band EQ with sweepable mids. A Shape control allows you to apply four pre-determined EQ curves, which can also be toggled via the amp’s included footswitch. Further, it has a Tilt knob that the company calls “a very powerful ‘Seesaw’ EQ feature” that can emphasize mids and high frequencies while cutting the bass or vise versa. The Touch knob adjusts the amp to your playing to generate subtle variations in the way the preamp tube performs.

Laney Nexus Studio Live Bass Amp back

The back of the amp includes a DI with output, post, and pre options to take the signal from different parts of your path. Another interesting output is the T-USB interface, which allows for plugging your amp directly into a digital audio workstation on your computer and record both a dry bass signal at the same time as recording an amped track. Other connectivity includes a headphone output, a switchable effects loop, an auxiliary input, and dual Neutrik speakon connections.

The Laney Amplification Nexus Studio Live comes with a dedicated FS4-NSL foot switch, rack wings, and fasteners. It will be available in mid-March with a street price of $999.

Laney Nexus Studio Live Bass Amp Specs:

Power:2 x 500W into 4 Ohms, 2 x 250W into 8 Ohms
Inputs:Hi & Lo
Equalisation:3 Band EQ with Swept Mid
Preamp Valves:ECC83
Footswitch:FS4-NSL Supplied
Speaker connections:2 x Neutrik Speakon connectors – 1 Slave 1 Master
FX Loop(s):Selectable
DI Socket:Pro DI - selectable Pre, Post or Output
Tuner Output Socket:Yes
Weight:5.5 (Unit), 11 (Packed)
Dimensions (HxWxD mm):88 x 428 x 285
USB Connectivity:TUSB equipped
Compressor:On Board Compressor
Effects:Dedicated Bass Reverb & Chorus, Octave & Fifth
Aux In:Mini Jack for external sound source
Headphone Socket:Stereo Jack, independent Volume & Source selector
RE-AMP Enabled:NEXUS SL sends DRY BASS (left) and AMPED BASS right and is equipped with a RE-AMP function for use with any DAW

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