Bass of the Week: Bruno Régis Custom 4-String Bass

Bruno Régis Custom Bass FullI love checking out fledgling bass builders and self-starters, so when Alain Guiraud sent a note about his new bass, I got just as excited as he did. His friend and guitarist Bruno Régis created an axe that mixes and matches features from a handful of basses. Guiraud says it is his friend’s first order, and I have to say it looks like a solid start.

The bass seems to modeled after the body and headstock of an Ampeg AEB-1 with the neck of a Warwick Corvette $$. Régis built the bass with a wenge body, maple neck, and ebony fingerboard. He also utilized Warwick parts for its hardware.

The pickups are a pair of EMG JV-X single coils, which deliver the sound Guiraud was looking for. “She’s beautiful and sounds just like i wanted: a jazz bass with more punch and edge,” Alain shared. “I’m a happy French bass player!”

Bruno Régis Custom Bass Photos:

Bruno Régis Custom Bass Specs:

Pickups:EMG JV-X

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  1. Nice bass, however an audio sample would have been even nicer :(

  2. alain

    Hi Kevin and THAAAANNK you !! I’m so happy and proud this morning, and I think Bruno too !!
    Dannie, you’re right but it’s complicated to make a real audio sample not influenced by the amp or the recorder…
    This bass is far better than my two past favorites : Warwick $$ and a Spector 5 strings.

    • I get your point. It would be great to listen to that bass once you get a chance to record something, so once you reach that point please share it with us :)

  3. Martin

    Bravo, quelle beauté!

  4. I guess if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. It is very nice looking, though.

  5. Maffiou

    Je ne me souviens pas d’avoir vu une basse aussi belle que celle-là… waouh!

  6. Wow!!! A real eye catcher… With all the right features .Love to hear what it sounds like .

  7. Absolutely gorgeous Bass. Very unique and BadAss for sure. Can’t wait too see your next work of art. Hearing is believing. Bet you got that covered. Thanks for sharing.