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Bass of the Week: Bruno Régis Custom 4-String Bass

Bruno Régis Custom Bass FullI love checking out fledgling bass builders and self-starters, so when Alain Guiraud sent a note about his new bass, I got just as excited as he did. His friend and guitarist Bruno Régis created an axe that mixes and matches features from a handful of basses. Guiraud says it is his friend’s first order, and I have to say it looks like a solid start.

The bass seems to modeled after the body and headstock of an Ampeg AEB-1 with the neck of a Warwick Corvette $$. Régis built the bass with a wenge body, maple neck, and ebony fingerboard. He also utilized Warwick parts for its hardware.

The pickups are a pair of EMG JV-X single coils, which deliver the sound Guiraud was looking for. “She’s beautiful and sounds just like i wanted: a jazz bass with more punch and edge,” Alain shared. “I’m a happy French bass player!”

Bruno Régis Custom Bass Photos:

Bruno Régis Custom Bass Specs:

Pickups:EMG JV-X