Aguilar Unveils Super Double Pickups

Aguilar Super Double PickupsAguilar introduced the Super Double Pickups at NAMM this year. The pickups feature dual rows of Alnico 5 pole pieces that the company says dishes out a “thick yet articulate tone” as well as hum-canceling performance.

The pickups come in versions for four, five, and six-string basses. Aguilar builds them in their New York City factory with 42-gauge Formvar wire. Their sizes allow them to act as a direct replacement for many standard soap bars.

Aguilar’s Super Double pickups will start shipping in early April with street prices of $195 for the 4 string model, $225 for the 5 string model, and $255 for the 6 string model.

Aguilar Super Double Pickup Specs:

Made in NYC
Wire: 42 gauge heavy Formvar wire
Magnets: Alnico V
Leads: Single conductor, Heat resistant Teflon coated

For more information:

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    I would love to hear some audio demo.