Ashdown Introduces Retroglide 800 Bass Amp

One of the many new products Ashdown introduced at NAMM this year was the Retroglide-800, an amp head built in their custom shop. The company describes the amp as a throwback to the ’80s with founder Mark Gooday saying, “[it] takes me back to my roots as a bass player [with] pure, simple tone at your fingertips.”

Ashdown Engineering Retroglide 800 Bass Amp

The Retroglide revolves around a 12-band graphic EQ with frequency bands ranging from 30Hz to 15kHz. Other front-facing features include hi and low impedance inputs, a mute switch, and input and output level controls. Its rear panel has a line input, an effects loop, a Neutrik combination jack/speakon connector, and a balanced DI output.

The Ashdown Retroglide 800 is hand built in the UK with a hand-machined 6mm alloy front panel and an engineered mild steel lid. It’s available for order now with a street price round $849.99.

Ashdown Engineering Retroglide 800 Bass Amp Specs:

Power:720 Watts @ 4 Ohms
Power Amp Type:Class D
Frequency Response:17Hz-22kHz
Weight:4.5 lbs
Inputs:Low/High Impedance Instrument Inputs, Line In, Effects Return
Outputs:Effects Send, XLR DI Out, Neutrik Combo Speakon

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  1. andy alonso

    I think I may need one :)

  2. JtB

    ‘Pure simple tone’ and a 12-band graphic. Hmmm. Still, the front panel is ‘hand-machined’ so what’s not to like?

  3. Mat

    I dig the straightforwardness! No “lo” or “hi” switches, no “contour” or “enhance” knobs, no “character” or “tone” controls… Just frequencies! That, to me, is actually pure and simple.

    And I love ashdown. So there’s that.