Alex Canion: Voyager’s “The Domination Game” Playthrough

Here’s another one for heavy music fans. Alex Canion sent us this playthrough of “The Domination Game” from his band Voyager’s album, V, and it’s got some serious weight to it.

Canion uses slap and fingerstyle to pull a fat, gritty sound out of his bass that fills out the low end of the mix. Besides the finger-busting riffs, it’s so satisfying to hear that mammoth tone as he rides the B string.

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  1. Roman

    playthrough? the bass isn’t even plugged in :D

  2. Great sound of slap ;)

    Greeting, Pat

  3. Mike Matthews

    Yeah, I didn’t see a chord plugged in. Probably why he was goofing off a couple of times in the video. Regardless, this is the type of heavy music I dig on. Singer is killer, drummer is killer, Alex is bass line and tone are killer. And whomever mixed this gets an A+ for have the bass up in the mix. Good Stuff!

  4. Mike Matthews

    P.S. oops Alex’s, not Alex is – my bad : )