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Christian Rauhoeft: Revaluation

When Christian Rauhoeft shared this video with us, his note really meant something to me. I’ll share what he wrote, to do it justice:

Ever since I read Damian’s [column on] “staying motivated and avoiding unhealthy comparisons,” my self confidence as a bass player was able to make a considerable step into the right direction (up).

It’s not just Damian’s column that helps me to become a better musician but simply every article and video that can be found on your site. Thanks for that! Love your work guys.

Still, the initial thought process of a young gun like me inevitably goes like “man, I’ll never play like Pino/Damian/Richard Bona” (and countless others).

But as mentioned before, I think it’s not always about being the best in your business but contributing the best you can.

So here it is, my studio session video. I called up some of the best friends and musicians I know and we just went for it. I wrote down some quick chords/ideas and was lucky enough to be accompanied by musicians who were able to fill up my ideas with both their personality and musicianship. And yes, it’s a one-take :-)

Awesome. Great groove too!

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Sounds really good, keep at it, fitting it together like that sounded great.

Trey Smith

Steely Dan would be proud…very nice

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

That sounded pretty cool Christian. The change up was a bit interesting to me; but I dug it all the same. Only thing I’d say is that it needed to be longer. I wanted to hear more… which means I’m going to have to listen to it again. Cheers!

Johannes Stenfors

Johannes Stenfors

Tight and relaxed at the same time, that’s the way to go. Nice bends! I Thumbs up!