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Spare Parts: Right At Home

Spare Parts has a new video out, with their trademark old school sound.

Anchored by bassist Colin Scott, the band is joined by special guest, guitarist Fareed Haque.

The tune, “Right At Home” was written by keyboardist Kevin Kozol.

Dig it.

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Spare parts is amazing


Sounds really good , would like to hear more.


      Mike its like everyone in your band has their thing in line, the keyboard dude is excellent.
      I’ve never followed a drummer while playing bass because I just don’t have any friends that play musical instruments , drums ,guitar ,etc. Seems I could excel with my bass playing but times being wasted living in this one bedroom apartment alone.

      I sure with I had u-tube when I was younger.
      My singing is almost better than my bass playing , seems I’m living in the wrong city or wrong times and been cut off from society with a health issue, but it isn’t that bad that I couldn’t participate playing in a band , it would help.

      I can remember when I first heard Chicago and Grand Funk Railroad , hearing that music led me to playing bass, the song “Foot Stomping Music” was awesome.
      I did play in a garage band when I was 19 , clueless at the time what I was doing.

      Our memory reminds us of good and bad things of the past, it summons with a will of its own, we think we have a memory ,but it has us ,,,

      Thanks’ for the link ,

Steven Smith

Time warp back to the 70s. Nice!

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Digging on the chill groove. Nice piece of music, and the musicians are ‘owning-it’ Good Stuff!!!