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Remco Hendrix: Funk Bass & Drum Grooves

Our friend Mark Barletta sent us a note to check out some videos by Remco Hendrix, a bassist from the Netherlands.

Remco calls this “Fingerstyle Funk Bass & Drum Grooves”. The part with the octaver really rocks.

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Very cool pocket. Drummer is really locked in and deep into the groove as well. Any gear info on Remco’s setup for recording this? Super tone with creative and fun chops! Bravo!

Jeff Margavage

That was awesome. These two are TIGHT.


For Heavens sakes Remco keeps getting better each time I see him play.
He’s got a special style I’ve never seen before ,with the picking of the strings and thumb thumping, he has good control over the strings and that’s what makes him sound good. Hours upon hours of practice , man that was Cool Beans.

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

His right hand technique is pretty cool.

Tom Adam Shani

Much Flea. Very groove. Wow.



One of the greatest funky bassists

Jack Love (@MeLoveBass)

Love his right hand technique… guessing his thumbs are double jointed like Jaco’s? Cause, that don’t work so well for me.


    There’s no such thing as double jointed , no one has two thumb joints but some people have a thumb that curls back further than others . My thumb curls back like Jaco’s and Remco’s , it allows me to thump bass strings and mute strings while playing. If you notice Remco uses three fingers and his thumb to play bass and mute strings, then with his fretting hand curls his thumb over the top neck to mute the E string ,,, my thumb isn’t long enough for that , he has long fingers which is excellent for bass playing. Ive watched Remco play bass for a while now .
    My third finger just wont move while playing bass , so Im using my index finger, middle finger and thumb to play bass and mute .

    I grew my thumbnail a little longer and use it like a pick , the less of the pick bass players use ,,, the less you hear from it , I do a similar thing with my thumbnail , holding my thumb against my index finger like holding a pick but use my thumbnail instead , its taken a while to perfect this type picking, soon I will have it perfected .

    Mark S Beretta

Swapster .com

Harmonically simple… but very tight and cool right hand technique. I like.

Ryan Jory

The drummer is kinda weak in my opinion but Remco is out of this world