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Hiatus Kaiyote Offers Up Progressive Soul

Hiatus Kaiyote: Choose Your WeaponAustralian band Hiatus Kaiyote’s latest album Choose Your Weapon, is a 70-minute monster.

Bassist Paul Bender calls it “huge, massive, complex puzzle,” according to The Guardian.

The band’s sound has been described as “future soul” and progressive. It’s pretty singular.

Check out “Breathing Underwater” from Choose Your Weapon:

Choose Your Weapon is CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Choose Your Weapon Track List:

  1. Choose Your Weapon
  2. Shaolin Monk Motherfunk
  3. Laputa
  4. Creations Part One
  5. Borderline with My Atoms
  6. Breathing Underwater
  7. Cicada
  8. Swamp Thing
  9. Fingerprints
  10. Jekyll
  11. Prince Minikid
  12. Atari
  13. By Fire
  14. Creations Part Two
  15. The Lung
  16. Only Time All the Time: Making Friends with Studio Owl
  17. Molasses
  18. Building a Ladder

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I listened to some other songs by this group and its different , new , fresh ideas and pretty darn good in a way that it needed to be.
At first I thought whaaat the , then it came out sounding darn good , I liked it a lot.

Its about time some new tunes come around.
Reason is everything was starting to sound repetitive , you know over and over and over again , then over and over again.

Okay over and out ,,, Roger that.



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