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Will Lee, With the CBS Orchestra: MacArthur Park

Tonight marks the final episode of the Late Show with David Letterman, bringing an end to the legendary career of the longest running late-night talk show host. It also marks the dissolution of the CBS Orchestra, which has stuck with Letterman since his days at NBC when they were known as the World’s Most Dangerous Band. Bass guru Will Lee has held it down for the band for all 33 years since their formation in 1982.

Today we’re celebrating the thousands of times that the bassist performed for millions of viewers with a video from last year. Lee, who also has an incredible studio career, was the center of attention for an all-out version of “MacArthur Park” with the orchestra. Songwriter Jimmy Webb joined for the performance to create an over-the-top production that’s pinned together by Lee’s bass and vocal prowess.

The end of the Late Show certainly isn’t the end of Lee’s career, and we’re looking forward seeing what he brings to the table next. Congratulations, Will!

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I enjoyed that a lot, nice voice and excellent orchestra .

Swapster .com

That was odd… with the cake.

Austex Cal

Awesome performance….always loved the World’s Most Dangerous Band!

philip zeppetello

philip zeppetello

It’s a competent job. Love Will Lee. Now, go and listen to original version by Richard Harris1


I know he’s a great bassist, but Will Lee is also a fantastic singer. Man, he hit that high note at the end with precision.

Anthony Cook

Loved it … And what a talented group of musicians on that stage .BASS ON, WILL !!


Was that the cake Bill Murray pop out of



Will Lee either is or will be 64 this year, and he completely nailed the high notes at the end of the song. He is so incredibly talented, if he only played bass, he would be a master, and if he only sang, he would be great too.

Derek Votta

Derek Votta

Shoulda dropped the bass for this. I was probably in seventh grade when this came out and grew up in the age of Jim Webb hits. Jim Webb bet Richard Harris he couldn’t have a hit with this song. “What do you think?” Better than Donna Summer version? A really campy song done by a really campy band well ? “Wondering why?” And he warbled the high note. Rex Reed might’ve loved it. Polished junk. Aesthetically so wanting I have only begun to start . Has Will had a love affair gone bad? Does he even know what he is singing? Does this come from the heart? Or is it hokum, nostalgia or schmaltz. I give it an F

    Devon myles

    Devon myles

    Sorry dude, that is just nonsense, although I respect your opinion.
    I too am from that era, why drop the Bass? Did it get in the way? I don’t think so.
    Sure there was a bit of Hollywood and Broadway about it, but ain’t that show business.
    After all the heavy duty stuff Will has done, I am sure we can forgive him for a bit of “Schmaltz”…Lol..