Proberaumsession: Gerda

Bassist Lukas Pamminger shared this video with us of a musical project called “Proberaumsession”.

Lukas said the band just meets “in the practice room with no preparation at all and start to jam… if we like an idea we make a song out of it. The rapper comes up with a hook and freestyles the verses. This particular song “Gerda” was written and recorded in less then a hour. It all started with ‘let’s play something with 8th notes and the [keyboardist] just started playing this Am voicing. I think this is also a good example of how a bass line can become the musical hook and is an essential part of the song.”

We dig this!

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  1. what !!! nice bass playing anyhow ,,,

    • bob robertson

      Doc.Hoc. – is not your website. Also: what the heck?!?!

      • Not my website , really , what the heck , what ,I have no clue what your talking about, what did I do to irritate you.

        • Mike Matthews

          I believe what he is saying is that you’ve entered into the website entry box, This would imply that this is YOUR site, which it obviously is not. The website entry box should be left ‘blank’ unless you have ‘your own’ website. Just trying to help, and you do not need to reply to this posting. Enjoy!

          • Mike , thank you on this , yes it is in that box , so I will remove it , but I didn’t put it there just like the first website that showed up in that box was that of Mark J Smiths website , he emailed me saying take it out and I don’t know how it got in there.
            Seems I keep getting blamed for things I didn’t do and its starting to piss me off. I don’t know who Bob is but he could have explained himself to me. I thought it was my picture I changed and he thought my thumb was something else. Anyhow,,, Thanks.

            Mark S Beretta

          • Doc.Hoc.

            Testing my profile ,,,

  2. Mike Matthews

    IMO groove, tone, and vibe are all great! Dig’n on the horns. As well, just a cool tune.

  3. Jon Dell

    Rap Crap !!!!!! Come on !!!!!

  4. Bob if its my new picture that bothers you this is me with my bass behind me sitting on a guitar stand with my hand underneath it,as if I’m holding it.
    I don’t get your reply what so ever.

    Mark S Beretta

    • Mike Matthews

      Hopefully that’ll help ya out Doc… if that was the issue anyway. As far as getting ‘pissed off’,… life is to short to sweat the small stuff man. God Bless & Enjoy!

      • Doc.Hoc.

        Okay thanks Mike, yes life is way to short to be angry , so I will just plug in and pop, slap and sing my troubles away.
        Kind of wish I had a boxing bag to hit on to rid me of my stress.
        But fast walking 3 miles in he morning takes care of that. Anyhow !!!