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The Blurry Empire: Lunarscapes

Bassist Marius Römer is one who likes to experiment with his bass and music. He shared this video with us of a Cologne, Germany-based band The Blurry Empire.

“My passion is about creating particular soundscapes by using different kinds of effects and in this kind by playing the bass with a bow,” Marius shared. “The sound of our song ‘Lunarscapes’ is the plain sound… I only use compression (MXR M87) and delay (Line6 Echo Park). Adding a little bit distortion or overdrive [and] you can actually create beautiful post-rock sound walls. It’s really a delight to play these sounds! Perhaps you’ll like our video and my unusual kind of play…”

We love it.

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Love the tone, that bow sound. Pretty cool!



Amazing !!!

David Sutherland

David Sutherland

fabulous – the simple ideas are the best. . . .now, where’s me bow????????????????