Pablo Elorza: Bass Solo Chord Melody

Bassist and educator Pablo Elorza recently posted a new blog on exercises for musicians. Part of the lesson is a video with stretches to warm up before or after a playing session.

The bassist composed this beautiful bass solo to accompany the video, and it’s just as inspiring as the information. Elorza crafts a lyrical melody complete with chordal backing.

Be sure to check out the stretches, too:

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Great piece of solo bass goodness… very appreciative for the stretching video. This is something I’ve only been doing for a couple of years now. Not religiously though I should be. I’ve been dealing with a few physical issues that are hindering my playing a bit. If I would have started a stretching routine years back I’m convinced I won’t have the aches, pains, and limitations I deal with now. Live and Learn… and slappa da bass!!! : ) Again, great music and videos!

  2. Thank you very much Kevin and to all the guys at No Treble! You are the Best!

  3. Beautiful : ) It’s so nice to hear bass as a melodic instrument. You play beautifully..

  4. mojobass

    Some very good looks at stretching for healthy playing ….this type of stretching is good for everyday life,but is especially beneficial for bassists .Thanks Pablo .