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Pablo Elorza: Bass Solo Chord Melody

Bassist and educator Pablo Elorza recently posted a new blog on exercises for musicians. Part of the lesson is a video with stretches to warm up before or after a playing session.

The bassist composed this beautiful bass solo to accompany the video, and it’s just as inspiring as the information. Elorza crafts a lyrical melody complete with chordal backing.

Be sure to check out the stretches, too:

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Great piece of solo bass goodness… very appreciative for the stretching video. This is something I’ve only been doing for a couple of years now. Not religiously though I should be. I’ve been dealing with a few physical issues that are hindering my playing a bit. If I would have started a stretching routine years back I’m convinced I won’t have the aches, pains, and limitations I deal with now. Live and Learn… and slappa da bass!!! : ) Again, great music and videos!


Thank you very much Kevin and to all the guys at No Treble! You are the Best!

James Ramsey

Beautiful : ) It’s so nice to hear bass as a melodic instrument. You play beautifully..



Some very good looks at stretching for healthy playing ….this type of stretching is good for everyday life,but is especially beneficial for bassists .Thanks Pablo .