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Pedulla Announces Mark Egan Signature Model Limited Anniversary Edition

Mark Egan with Pedulla Signature Model Anniversary Edition Bass

Pedulla is continuing their 40th anniversary celebration with a reissue of fusion bassist Mark Egan’s Signature model. The Pedulla Mark Egan Signature Model Anniversary Edition is a five-string bass retains the features of the original bass with modern features that weren’t available when it was first released.

The bass has a 19mm string spacing and has a body that is comparable to their MVP bass, though it has a thinner neck, no heel, and a different cut on the treble horn. Its body wings are greater than AAAAA grade flame maple, while its maple neck is topped with an ebony fingerboard.

Pedulla fits the bass with a Bartolini PJ pickup set and electronics. Other features include a bone nut, a finger ramp, and a choice of hardware color. It can be ordered in any Pedulla finish color as well as fretted or fretless.

The Pedulla Mark Egan Signature Model Anniversary Edition Bass is handcrafted by Michael Pedulla. It carries an MSP or $7,995.

Pedulla Mark Egan Signature Model Anniversary Edition Bass Specs:

Body:Greater than AAAAA Flame Maple
String Spacing:16mm
Pickups:Bartolini PJ

For more information:

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Bob DeRosa

Bob DeRosa

Beautiful looking bass which probably sounds awesome, but at $8000, how many do they expect to sell?



Beautiful bass… Is it tuned with a high B like he tunes his? Or is it a standard tuned 5 string? Regardless, WAY out of my price range 😢

ken boddie jr

I have one of mikes 5 string I bought in 1986 its my main ax .its got
great sound and feel like no other… bottom line you get what you pay for.



This is a bass, Kevin, not that “Amazon Bass”…


Does every bass player named Mark Egan receive one? if so I’ll forward my address (of course I am significantly less talented than the man whose name is on the bass!)



so, is string spacing 16mm or 19mm? :-)