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Zander Zon: Imagine Dragons’ “Demons” for Acoustic and Piccolo Basses, and Electric Cello

We’re used to seeing Zander Zon push the envelope with a single bass. But he’s been branching out of late – starting with his first ever collaboration video (with singing duo KJC.)

Zander just sent me his latest video, featuring his new acoustic bass guitar.

“The bass is a custom, made by luthier Chris Larking who’s based in Ireland,” he shared. “It has an adjustable bridge, a scratchpad and a K&K Quantum Trinity pickup/mic system. It’s really fun to play, but certainly more challenging than playing an electric! it’s not as smooth and easy to get the notes, however, it has loads of cool percussive sounds via the hollow body and mic!”

Three instruments and one incredibly talented musician make for one incredibly rich sound.

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Oh man, just a beautiful piece of music, and those harmonies – WOW! Great Stuff!!!



I really enjoyed this thanks much ,,,



Really nice work, Zander!

Carl Johnson

Sorry all. I thought this piece was lacking entirely. Overreaching in every way and lacking in harmonic and rhythmic substance. the fretless intonation was great but this song has nothing going for it at the start. Something like this needs a great reimagining to be worth listening to. Playing three instruments does not a great arrangement make.