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Federico Malaman & Rossana Carraro: Bang Bang

Bassist Federico Malaman and vocalist Rossana Carraro teamed up to create this terrific cover of “Bang Bang” – the tune recorded by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

It is making the rounds on Facebook now – with over 600,000 views. Federico shared the video with us to get it even more attention.

As always Federico blends humor and amazing bass playing in this one – with some seriously funky music.

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

She has a great voice and of course Frederico is as badass as ever. Entertaining and well played. Good stuff!



Federico is not just a great bassist but a comedian too,
how about that .


When is the cover better than the original? You just saw it – that girl can sing – that guy can play! When is their Tonight Show debut?

Karl Skuyler

I saw an Alter Ego upright in the back!



    I watched this a few more times again this morning and Federico is terrific on his bass .I got to looking at his bass and see it has a bridge pickup ,the strings are headstock thru also bridge thru if I’m seeing it correctly .That alone would make for a tighter playing bass along with his experience .
    I know what my next bass will be without a doubt, I wonder how much a bass like that cost .
    I can see why I have a hard time controlling the rumble of bass strings most of the time making unnecessary noise .I also have a 1986 Ibanez EX 404 bass that needs rewiring and it plays better than my new bass when I can keep the jack from falling out .
    The bottom line is if you want a excellent playable bass you must pay the price or hold on for dear life with a not so tight bass.

    Thanks’ Federico & Rossana , most amazing vibe – “ Bang Bang”



Dayum that is just beautiful