The Electric Flag: Over Lovin’ You, Live 1967

I love discovering older bands that I missed, and The Electric Flag is definitely one of them. The short-lived band fused blues, rock, and soul for an upbeat sound.

Electric Flag was anchored by bass great Harvey Brooks, who also worked with Bob Dylan, The Doors, and Miles Davis. His active bass line drives the energy alongside a young Buddy Miles, who handles both drum and vocal duties. This clip of “Over Lovin’ You” is taken from their debut performance at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, and you can feel the excitement.

Be sure to wear headphones for this one.

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Really digg’n it when the horns come in and double that portion of the bassline.

  2. Doc.Hoc.

    Kevin that did sound really good with headphones.
    The one band I like from 1969 till now is Grand Funk Railroad.
    Mark Forner was excellent yet was never inducted in to the [email protected] Hall of Fame.

    Mark is 20 years old , the bassist Mel Schacher was 18 years old and excellent in this song below “Inside Looking Out” ,,,

    • leigh

      The name is Mark Farner.

      • Doc.Hoc.

        Excuse Me , one letter wrong , even though it sounds the same and not like when Iraq and Iran fought over one letter , the Q and the N or whatever it was their difference’s where.

        Did you like the video ?

  3. mojobass

    It’s all in the groove…Muscle Shoals/STAX sound ??